Cannon Mountain, Zoomer to Echo Lake

Wildcat View 2017

Fiery Sunset, Crotched 1/6/17

Stratton 2017

Snowbush Fresh Powder 2017

Sugarloaf spillway X cut view 2014_cr Sugarloaf Spillway X-Cut View Summit Sunset Crotched Mountain 2014  Summit Sunset, Crotched Mountain Sunset Clinic CM 2014  Sunset Clinic with Moguls Crotched Sunset, March 5 2014    Crotched Sunset March 5, 2 Crotched Sunset March

Crotched Mtn Comet Drop 2009

Crotched Mountain, Comet Drop  2009

Fog Clearing Sunset 2012 best

Fog Clearing Sunset  April 2012

Mt. Sunapee IV 2003 

Skiing Mt. Sunapee IV: Last Light  2003

Mt. Sunapee III 2003 

Skiing Mt. Sunapee III: Last Run  2003

Mt. Sunapee II 2003

Skiing Mt. Sunapee II: Sunbrook Chair  2003

Mt. Sunapee I 2003

Skiing Mt. Sunapee I: View East 2003 

Skiing III Muted Magic best

Skiing III: Muted Magic  2007-2008

Crotched Mountain and Rising Moon, Pluto’s Plunge 2012 

Crotched Mountain and Rising Moon, Pluto’s Plunge  2012

Full Moon Sunset, Crotched Mountain, Velocity 8 2012 

Full Moon Sunset, Crotched Mountain, Velocity   June 2012

Attitash Mtn March 09 East Side to Bear Peak 2009 2010

Attitash Mountain, March 2009: East Side to Bear Peak 2009-2010

Bromley view west and south PSIA March 09 2009 2010

Bromley, View West and South, PSIA, March 2009  

Crotched Magic Twilight adobe

Crotched Mountain, Magic Twilight  2007

Jay Peak Summit to the Vermonter 2011 best

Jay Peak, Summit to Vermonter  2011  

Jay Peak Vermonter to the Summit 2011 best

Jay Peak, Vermonter to Summit  2011  

Loon Mountain 2009

Loon Mountain, Various Views, March 09  2009-2010

Skiing I Frosty Sunapee best

Skiing I: Frosty Sunapee 2007-2008

Wadsworth Icy Comet Drop 2011

Icy Crotched  2011  

Skiing II Stunning Stratton 122107 best 

Skiing II: Stunning Stratton, 12/21/07   12/24/07

Mt. Snow Plummet 2009 

Mt. Snow, Plummet View  2009

Our family has always loved skiing, and we  spend most of every weekend at Crotched Mountain in southern NH.  Most of us have been ski instructors there since 2007 or thereafter.