Older works from the 1980’s

Special Fall Colors 1982 lev 

Special Fall Colors September 1982

 Summit Wood Mt Equinox 1982 lev

Summit Woods, Mt. Equinox  September 1982

 Gray Fall Woods Comfort 1982 lev

Mountains Changing Colors September 1982

Winter Shape Winter Light 1983 lev

Winter Shape, Winter Light   February 1983

 woods rock with sun 1982 auto lev

Woods Rock with Sun, 1982,

Mother and Child 1982 lev

Mother and Child  June 1982  

Moss Covered Stump and Woods Rock 1982 auto lev

Moss Covered Stump and Woods Rock, August 1982

 Gray Fall Woods Comfort 1982 lev

Mountains Changing Colors September 1982

FAll Transition 1982 lev

Fall Transition September 1982

   Early MidSummer Evening 1982

Early Mid-Summer Evening  July 1982

Fall Roadside Overgrown 1982 lev

Fall Roadside, Overgrown October 1982

 Early Evening Abstraction 1982  lev

Early Evening Abstraction  August 1982

Cozy two as one 1982 lev

Cozy, Two as One  June 1982

   Fall Peak from Snowy Mtn 1982 lev

Fall Peak from Snowy Mountain  October 1982

Changing Times Late Fall 1982 lev

Changing Times, Late Fall  November 1982

These are works completed after graduating from Cranbrook in 1981.   At this point, I was playing with shapes, trying to create fully three dimensional abstract shapes that reflect the landscape views of VT.  These became progressively more complex as time went on, adding more details of texture and branches that were drawn more from an energetic memory of the view than specific trees per se. My work has always been derived from my sensations of the landscape.  Sometimes the shapes resemble a combination of human and landscape characteristics.  I think of these works as “essential landscapes” that convey the essence of a place in time. The rest of my work has derived from this sense of shape in combination with light, color and texture in the landscape, reflecting my experiences at the moment.