North and South Dakota

BAdlands North Dakota TR Park 2015 Badlands, North Dakota, Theodore Roosevelt Park Theodore Roosevelt Park North 2014Theodore Roosevelt Park, Little Missouri River 19" x 24" $300  Theodore Roosevelt Park, Little Missouri River Badlands 2014    Badlands I 10" x 13" $150 Badlands III Yellow Mounds 2014 very best  Badlands III: Yellow Mounds   1ten10                                                           Badlands I  2014 10" x 13" $150  Badlands II fossil trail_2014 Badlands II: Fossil Trail Badlands IV Homesteaders Prairie 2014BBBBadl Badlands II: Fossil Trail  5" x 13" $150                                    Badlands IV  Homesteaders Badlands IV: Homesteaders Prairie 15" x 26" $250 TR Park south meadow colors 2014  Theodore Roosevelt Park South, Meadow Colors Theodore Roosevelt Park South River Overlook 2014 Most of these are small, completed as a "walk and draw" during my sabbatical in the fall.

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