New England sunsets

Gray Day Peaceful Fishing 2010

Gray Day, Peaceful Fishing August 2010

Monadnock Purple Sunset Aug 2010

Monadnock Purple Sunset August 2010

Pink Monadnock Sunset Pool Pond 9 12

Pink Monadnock Sunset, Pool Pond  September 2012

Monadnock Sunset Abstraction Pink 2010

Monadnock Sunset Abstraction, Pink  August 2010 NFS

Monadnock Sunset I Pink Light and Island 2010

Monadnock Sunset I: Pink Light and Island  July 2010

Monadnock Sunset II Ripples Lilies Sparking Water 2010

Monadnock Sunset II: Ripples, Lilies and Sparkling Water  July 2010

Pink Waterlilies Threatening Storm 2010

Waterlilies in Pink Light, Threatening Storm, August 2010

Pool Pond Sunset Huge Cloud 2009

Pool Pond Sunset Huge Cloud 2009

Pool Pond Sunset I with Monadnock left 2010

Pool Pond Sunset I, with Monadnock, Left  July 2010

Pool Pond Sunset II Clouds and Waterlilies 2010

Pool Pond Sunset II: Clouds and Waterlilies  July 2010 pastel

Pool Pond Sunset II right 2010

Pool Pond Sunset II, Right  July 2010

In the summer of 2010, my daughter was recovering from a serious disease.  We spent a great deal of time at home.  One of my few delights was to visit the pond each night to enjoy the varied sunsets.  In order to be less cliched, I tried to show the sunset through water reflections.  The banner image above is Bar Harbor Sunset from the summer 2011.