Great Britain Ruins

British Ruins V Whitby Abbey, Aisle View 2012 

British Ruins V: Whitby Abbey, Aisle View  August 2012

Castle Crag Lake District 2012 (2) 

Borrowdale from Castle Crag, Lake District  August  2012

British Ruins III Tintern Abbey  8 2012 

British Ruins III: Tintern Abbey  August  2012

British Ruins II Whitby Abbey 8 2012

British Ruins II: Whitby Abbey  August  2012

British Ruins I Tintern Abbey Aisle View better AWB 8 2012

British Ruins IV: Tintern Abbey, Aisle View  August 2012  pastel

In the summer of 2012, we traveled to Great Britain, and I was most inspired by the ruins of various castles and churches, including Tintern Abbey and Oystermouth Castle in Wales.  Later we climbed Castle Crag with my cousin.  The featured image above is British Ruins I: Oystermouth Castle Chapel, The Mumbles, Wales from August 2012.