Childscapes are images of children seen from the parent's point of view.  Usually images of children, most memorably by Mary Cassatt, are seen from an outsider's point of view.  These images were inspired by daydreaming while nursing and comforting my daughter.  They continued until the children had moved beyond my sphere of daily influence.

Watching Kosho Class 2000

Watching Kosho Class 2000

Small Point Maine 2004 adobe

Small Point, Maine June 2004

Christo's Gates 2005 adobe

Christo’s Gates  2005

Sarah Six III riding Misty Latigo Ranch CO lg

Sarah Six, Riding Misty, Latigo Ranch, Colorado 2006

Sarah Six II Biking lg

Sarah Six, Biking, Gardner Trails  2006

Sarah Six I kayaking lg

Sarah Six, Kayaking, Pool Pond, NH, Sunset Magic  2006

Sarah skiing 2006

Sarah Six, Skiing, Crotched Mountain 2006


Siblings III: Colds and Bills  2000

Holding Baby Landscape lg

Jack’s Abstraction: Holding Baby Landscape 1999-2000

Rocking Baby Midnight

Rocking Baby, Midnight  1999

Toddler Climbing Stairs 1999 done

Toddler Climbing Stairs 1999

Hiking Triptych III Toddler Lift 2000

Hiking Triptych III: Almost Home, Toddler Gets a Lift Too  2000

Hiking Tryptych II Meadow Rest 2000

Hiking Triptych II: Meadow Rest 2000


 Reading Lesson I, J & S Playing  2000


Bedtime I 2000

Hiking Triptych I Starting Out 2000

Hiking Triptych I: Woods Road, Ferns, Starting Out 2000

Reading Lesson I J & S 2000

 Reading Lesson I, J & S Playing  2000

Siblings I Brother's Concert 2000 done

Siblings I: Brother’s Concert   2000

sofacuddle 2000 144

Sofa Cuddle 2000  

Sofa Cuddle II  Tickle Me

Sofa Cuddle II: Tickle Me 2001


 After September 11: Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want  2001  

2003 John MOMA 350 dpi

Matisse/Picasso, MOMA 3/28/03: “Your son is a work of art.”  2003

Romeo and Juliet

Matisse/Picasso, MOMA 3/28/03: “Your son is a work of art.”  2003

Sarah Sick I  Meditation

Sarah Sick I: Meditation Snuggle 2003-04

Sarah Sick II blues

Shades of Blue, Sarah Sick II, Sofa Cuddle III  2003-4