Arches National Park

Arches Sand Arch Trail 2014       Sand Arch Trail, Arches Broken Arch Arches National Monument 2014     Broken Arch, Arches National Park Double Arch Arches Natl Park 2014  Double Arch North Window Arches Nat Pk_2014   North Window, Arches Arches III, Glowing Light, SDB Adobe 2006  Arches III, Glowing Light Arches  Study  October 10, 2005  Arches Study Arches I, SDB, Midday 2006 Adobe      Arches I, SDB, Midday Arches II, Double Arches, J & S  2006 Adobe  Arches II, Double Arches   The top images were created on site during a "walk and draw" during my sabbatical this past fall.  The last four images were created nine years earlier.

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